• Little Blue (& white) Trucks


    This is the origin story, the artist's statement, the reason behind these adorable little vehicles. Yes, I'm going to toot my own horn--beep beep!  These 6 art prints of 6 different trucks and machines that my toddler loves. 

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  • Thrifted Wardrobe Tips

    Thrifted Wardrobe Tips

    Highly off topic for what I normally post to the internet. However it is very on brand for me personally. I pay my internet rent so I get to share. 

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  • No Dumb Questions

    No Dumb Questions

    Your questions aren’t dumb. We aren’t born knowing anything. We know nothing and we learned everything. It is easy to assume everyone knows everything, but they don’t. Someone else wherever you are is happy that you were brave enough and asked a question.

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