August 12, 2022

Mid August Updates

By Elayna Johnson
Mid August Updates

This week. 

A couple of sick kiddos, a rain storm, and a new season of Bluey. 

Without social media I don’t have the luxury of sharing all the lovely things happening at EJD. Wallpaper samples are coming along nicely. I know things are headed in the right direction when I want to order everything and keep it for myself. 

I have completed a piece based on our family beach trip this summer and it is making me feel incredibly nostalgic. 

We are almost done with a year long wallpaper removal project!!! Next step is having our popcorn ceilings removed. That will be a lovely day, nothing is sadder than a popcorn ceiling. I am an optimistic person, but those really put me in a funk. 

My son often says “Pick one! This one!” when there is something he wants but we haven't offered to him. I find myself decorating my house this way, or say, picking my beach home this way. No one has offered me anything yet I spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of each thing that (let me repeat) no one has offered me. 

I vacuum and it’s like nothing ever happened. That’s just life with a furry dog I guess? 

I traded a rug for a trampoline. Seems like the adult thing to do.

well that seems to be are a few more photos of my highly-average, childcare free week!