October 07, 2021

Textile & Wallpaper FAQ

By Elayna Johnson
Textile & Wallpaper FAQ

Textile and Wallpaper FAQ

What a delightful bunch of questions I am about to answer! Let’s give a little backstory (not like a recipe blog post, but close)

I have enjoyed interiors and design since I can remember. I grew up watching HGTV and always thought that one day I would become an interior designer. But then we all hit that weird age--I want to say 12. Where the things you love become embarrassing, whatever you are doing seems goofy and weird. No matter how “normal” it is. Adolescence is a time I love and also don’t miss. 

So fast forward 15 years, 12 year old Elayna is so proud of 27 year old Elayna. I have loved painting for the past 4 almost 5 years professionally (wow) and learning about my love of pattern has just blown the roof off of my enjoyment. The possibilities are endless. It just seems to be how my brain works, in pattern! I can’t stop making them and I never want to. 

I have been sharing them and have gotten dozens of comments basically asking “hey what the heck is this for?” and for the longest time I wasn’t sure. I license a good bit of the patterns, but I have hundreds left over and make dozens a week. Instead of sitting around waiting for people to ask for fabric and wallpaper I have opted to just go ahead and make them. 

Each fabric and wallpaper is digitally printed in the US and has a lead time of 3-4 weeks. The fabric is intended for home use and is a linen/cotton blend. Samples will be available so you can touch and see what it is like. 

It is a bit too thick for clothing purposes--but maybe I’ll make a basic cotton blend in the future. 

As soon as I find someone to help sew pillows I would love to offer them for sale! If you are considering taking up sewing now seems to be a good time. I am having so much trouble finding someone. 

If you often shop for designer fabrics the price tag won’t shock you. But, if you’ve only seen the clearance rack at Joann’s this might be a dry pill to swallow. The quality of the fabric and the use it is intended for adds to the price. They are upholstery fabrics designed for curtains, table cloths, pillows, bed skirts just to name a few. They aren’t quick craft fabrics that you buy by the ½ yard and cut for fun. They are usually intended for a specific project in your home. This fabric will be in your home for years to come. It is an investment. It is similar to investing in original artwork. It isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. You’ll know if it's what you need! 

Fabric starts at $100/yard and there is a 1 yard minimum. Wallpaper will be sold by the roll (different sizes) and will start at $60. 

This is where the investment for wallpaper gets real. You will want to hire a professional wallpaper installer to install the wallpaper. This isn’t temporary wallpaper or sticker wallpaper. Wallpaper isn’t and shouldn’t be a quick decision. I think of it more as a tattoo. I have wallpaper in my home, layers upon layers (not the right way to do it) and it has been here since the 50s. That is 70 years. There are four layers of wallpaper in my kitchen and entryway. That is an average of 17.5 years of wallpaper per design. My first thought is wow that is a time investment! My second thought is to be aware of trendiness. We are basically getting bangs for 20 years. Order samples, set them up in the room for a week or two while you decide. 

There are incredible interior designers online, in your area, in books and magazines that can and will inspire you with wallpaper for different rooms. I am not a professional in this area. I am more focused on color trends, pleasing colorways, and pattern repeat scales that won’t give you a headache. 



Why is wallpaper so hot right now? I think it has always had its spot in the world of interiors. There is quite a bit of history out there about wallpaper if you are interested. If you want my personal opinion this is it. Social media and our exposure to it. I didn’t know what anyone’s home looked like 10 years ago unless I had been there. Now, there are people’s homes on the internet that I feel like I could give you a tour of! The rise of maximalism in design. We learned to appreciate minimalism in the past, and it wasn’t for all of us. We got rid of things and realized that we love the clean, but we want more! And that is ok! I love a wall covered in artwork, a room filled with lamps!  The time spent at home and resources people have started putting into their homes. There is a large population that began researching practical fixes for their homes they would have never noticed before. 

I think wallpaper is like cilantro. You are usually born liking it or not, and sometimes a few people change their minds about it. At the end of the day if you and the primary owners of your home agree that wallpaper is what would make you delighted most days, go for it. 

I want to add that I haven’t gone into any of this lightly. There were seasons of business where I felt like I was going with the flow and trying to ride waves of trends before they went away. This combination of artwork and home decor is something that changes somewhat over time. However, the traditional approach I am taking has been what I personally have been drawn to for years. The homes and estates of vintage movies I watched growing up have been inspiring me for years. Now owning a home and having the authority to change things has solidified my love of classic design. Which includes wallpaper and patterns. 

Are you selling through a retailer or yourself? 

Myself - for now

What types of fabric?

A 50/50 cotton linen blend

Can you make clothes with them? 


Will you be adding premade items? Pillows etc. 

Eventually! Not immediately. 

Are patterns offered in textiles and wallpaper? 


Lead time? 

3-4 weeks

Price range? 

Textiles $100/yard - Wallpaper $60 a roll

When will it be available? 


Favorite print of all time? 

Gosh can’t say! 

Should I do a whole room or just a wall?

Depends on the room! I am personally more inclined to do an entire room, but that’s just me. You could also do ½ the wall above a chair rail or wainscoting. 

Will you install it for me? 

You don’t want that. 

Can you buy by the yard? 


What kind of wallpaper? Temporary or traditional? 

Traditional--so you will want a professional to install! 

Why is wallpaper so hot right now? 

Tl;dr social media--we are seeing it more! And either loving or hating it. It has been in our homes for years. I bet you grew up with some sort of wallpaper and never knew it.

New? No idea who I am?

I am Elayna an artist and pattern designer turned textile designer. I work from home with a busy toddler a giant golden retriever and a tall husband.

I spend my days painting, reading, baking, cleaning and wishing I was doing more of all of those things.

I am excited you and I are learning about textiles and wallpaper together. Let me know if you have any burning questions!